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Each year we welcome community members, students, international travelers and more to the Scales Nature Park team. We value the many contributions of volunteers towards our conservation efforts. 


On-site volunteers must live at our facility. Preference will be given to volunteers who can commit to longer stays.


We are happy to assist with arrangements for international volunteers! 

Areas of Focus

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Field Work

incl. wetland surveys, reptile monitoring, data collection. If you are specifically interested in doing field work, please look into our Turtle Bootcamp here.

*only available April-September

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incl. firewood splitting and stacking, trail and lawn maintenance, snow removal, invasive species management

*dependent on your prior knowledge and comfort with tools

Animal Care

incl. enclosure cleaning, animal feeding, equipment sanitization

*length of stay determines level of involvement

Outreach program_edited.jpg

incl. talking to public at events, giving tours onsite, creating visual materials

See what’s going on at Scales Nature Park month by month!

If you have any special interest or set of skills you think may be useful, let us know!

Types of Volunteer

Non-Resident Volunteer


  • Live off-site

  • 14+ years of age, under 14 by exception

  • Casual commitment, create your own schedule

  • No minimum or maximum on hours

  • Must volunteer during staffed hours (~9am-5:30pm)


Community volunteers come to Scales Nature Park to volunteer during the day. Volunteers may choose their own schedule, coming weekly, periodically, etc. Note that some tasks require training and need a longer time commitment. If you are interested in participating in field work there will be more specific requirements for time commitment, and participation in our Turtle Bootcamp training program may be required.


Kitchen facilities are available, although we ask that you bring only reusable containers as we are a low-waste facility. Volunteer activities at Scales Nature Park are eligible for community service hours.

If you have any relevant allergies (such as to various cleaning chemicals), needs, or requests, please let us know ahead of time so we can try to accommodate

Resident Volunteer


  • Live on-site at Scales Nature Park or in field housing

  • 18+ years of age

  • Full time commitment, ~40 hours per week

  • Suggested minimum time commitment of 2 weeks

  • Participate with staff in cooking, cleaning of living space, etc. during off hours


A live-in volunteer lives at Scales Nature Park or at field accommodations, depending on availability. Rooms are dorm style, mixed gender, with 4-8 beds. Bedding and some storage space will be provided, although you are welcome to bring your own.


Meals will be provided onsite, with a rotating schedule of volunteers and staff cooking each day. Due to time constraints and limited storage space, we are unable to allow individual cooking (some exceptions may apply). You may bring snacks if you wish, although some snack items will also be provided. If you have allergies or food preferences, please notify us in advance.


Time off is usually flexible, and may be spent offsite or onsite. There may be charges for room and board, situation dependent.


International Volunteers


Scales Nature Park has a long history of hosting international volunteers. Improve your English, immerse yourself in Canada’s amazing natural world, and enjoy living in an exciting environment! Volunteers can complete school internships or other placements with us. If needed, we have French-fluent staff, and occasionally other languages. We can assist with immigration requirements such as work permits, visas, etc. if necessary.

Contact us if you have any questions.


Interested in high school or higher education school placements, internships, or co-ops?

Click Here

Ready to volunteer?

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