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Herpetology Experience and Research Program

The Herpetology Experience and Research Program (formerly the Herpetology Internship Program) is a unique and immersive experience designed for post-secondary students or recent graduates to enhance their career prospects in the field of herpetology. Practical experience is blended with classroom instruction to build skills that are critical to success in this field.

This 8-12 month residential training program includes:

  • Biology and conservation of reptile and amphibian species

  • Animal handling and husbandry of 70+ captive species

  • Field methods and outdoor skills

  • GIS skills, data collection and analyses

  • Education and media 

  • Project management

  • Cost includes shared housing, food, transportation and activities 


Please Contact Us for more information, program fees, or to sign up!


A brief look at the HERP experience. If you're seeking a career in herpetology, this program is designed for you. Build your skills and learn lots, while having a great time with awesome people!

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