Scales Nature Park works to conserve wild reptiles and amphibians through a variety of initiatives. In part, this is achieved through ‘boots on the ground’ conservation work, often in collaboration with other organizations. Check out some of our projects below!


The START Project is a turtle conservation project in partnership with the Georgian Bay Turtle Hospital, the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Laurentian University, and Trent University. The project aims to reduce anthropogenic threats of the six turtle species (Spotted, Blanding’s, Map, Musk, Snapping, Painted) found within Muskoka, portions of Parry Sound and the Lake Simcoe watershed, through reduction of:

  • road mortality

  • habitat loss

  • subsidized predation

  • collection

  • persecution

Saving Turtles at Risk Today (START) Project


This Small-mouth Salamander project is a research partnership with Trent University of Pelee Island. The goal of the project is to determine the distribution and abundance of this endangered species across the island. We have recently been able to confirm this species still remains on the island, however, population estimates and distribution remains unknown.

Pelee Island Salamander Project

Western Chorus

Frog Project

  • Assesses historic sites for current occupancy

  • Determined the east side of Lake Simcoe has healthy populations, but populations seem largely absent on the west side of the lake 

  • Assesses ways to reconnect habitat patches

  • Participate in tissue sampling for regional genetic analysis with Queen's University

Other Projects & Activities

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