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Choose Scales Nature Park to provide reptiles and amphibians for your film/television production, or capture some rare wildlife shots with a photography session!

Why choose Scales Nature Park?


Over 60 native and exotic reptile and amphibian species to choose from!


Previous work including  Zoboomafoo, Train 48, TVO Kids, Breakfast Television, and more.


Animals handled on a regular basis, with kid-safe options available.


Pick from our selection of animals in person or over email to meet your needs.


Staff available for animal wrangling, animal handling instruction, and scene consultation.


Shooting can take place at your location or at our indoor/outdoor facilities.

Film/TV Shoots

Book Scales Nature Park for a reptile or amphibian appearance on your film or television production! 

Photography Sessions

Book Scales Nature Park for your photoshoot and test your wildlife photography skills or create a unique wedding photo! 

We provide your production with:

  • the animals you need

  • wrangler(s), number dependent on production needs

  • a variety of habitats and features, both indoors and outdoors

  • services available at our location or yours​​

  • training on proper animal handling techniques when applicable 

*Please note that most reptiles and amphibians are limited to naturally occurring behaviours. Our staff can elicit a variety of these natural behaviours and positions from our animals, and can adjust animals in advance to novel stimuli which they may encounter in the shot or on set. For this reason, we would ask that you consult with us in advance to discuss your specific needs. 

Rates may vary, but are typically $60-90+HST/hour per wrangler plus mileage costs for off-site locations.

Contact us to discuss options.

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