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Virtual & Distanced Outdoor Programs

Scales Nature Park provides outstanding programming about Canadian reptiles, amphibians, fish and their habitats. Our goal is to facilitate the conservation of these creatures through increasing awareness, changing attitudes, and engaging people to take action. At this time we are offering both virtual and distanced outdoor programs.

Virtual Programs

We now offer a number of our popular programs in a virtual format! We can join your class, camp, community group, public event, or family hangout via videoconference with a variety of reptile guests. All programs will include an engaging presentation on the selected reptiles and the opportunity to ask questions to our knowledgeable education staff.

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Distanced Outdoor Programs

We are pleased to offer our live outreach programs in a COVID-safe way via socially distanced, outdoor-only outreach visits. This allows us to keep our staff, animals, and guests safe while providing a great learning experience at a variety of venues. Program size will be based upon available outdoor space and programs are weather-dependent. These programs will include live animal guests, but please note that no handling opportunities are available at this time.

Distanced Outdoor Programs

Program Topics

Reptiles at Risk Presentation

Many of Ontario’s reptiles are at risk! Explore Ontario’s amazing snakes, turtles and one & only lizard, and learn about how you can help them as part of your daily lives.

Turtle Troubles Presentation

Turtles are in trouble all around the world! Meet some of Canada’s extraordinary turtle species and learn how to get them off the roads and support their habitats. 

Birthday Party

A distanced outdoor or virtual birthday party is a unique way to celebrate  with Scales Nature Park! These bookings are highly customizable to reflect the birthday guest’s interests on their special day. You bring the cake and presents, and we’ll bring the reptiles!

Meet & Greet

The meet and greet format is an easy way to provide a reptile experience at less formal events for a reduced cost. Staff will handle a variety of animals for guests to view from a COVID-safe distance, and will be able to casually interact with guests and answer questions.

For further details about our outreach offerings, click here


Other Outreach

We are always happy to accommodate any special needs or requirements for your specific situation. If you are interested a particular topic that isn't listed here, or if you would like to work with us to build your own specialized program, feel free to contact us to discuss your idea further.

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