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On-Site Programs

​We are happy to be offering on-site programming again following our pandemic shutdown!


Scales Nature Park provides outstanding programming about Canadian reptiles, amphibians, fish, and their habitats. Our goal is to facilitate the conservation of these creatures through increasing awareness, changing attitudes, and engaging people to take action.

On-site programs are a great interactive learning experience which also includes access to our nature trails and exhibit hall containing amphibian and reptile displays. We offer a variety of different on-site programs, all of which can be done individually or combined to create a longer experience:

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Birthday Parties!

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Animal Presentation

Learn about amazing animals then get to meet them in our most popular program! Presentations have two parts. First, our staff will deliver a talk on amphibians and/or reptiles. Next, several animals from the presentation will be available for hands-on interactions.

Pond Study

The pond study is a great way to get outdoors! Using dip nets, participants will try to find wildlife in our onsite pond. After collecting specimens, our staff will identify the different creatures, talk about their life cycles, and explain the importance of wetlands.*not available during the winter*

Guided Trail Walk

Want to learn more about local flora and fauna? Our guide will take your group for a hike around our nature trails to learn about the different plants, animals, and ecological communities you see, and their integral roles in the circle of life! 

Active Games

Explore the great outdoors through active play! This activity is a perfect addition to one or more other programs, and is a fun way to take a break and let loose. Games will take place outside and may vary based on weather and your group preferences.

Other Programming

We are always happy to accommodate any special needs or requirements for your specific situation. Click here for our Training Programs, including workshops. If you are interested in something else that isn’t listed here, feel free to contact us to discuss your idea further.

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